We pay attention to the details with a true end-to-end visitor experience.

  • Makes your guest’s first experience a good one
  • Meets your compliance requirements for visitor auditing
  • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.com contacts
  • Captures and stores NDA’s
  • Scales to enterprise levels
  • Reduces resource requirements
  • Runs in the cloud, so there’s no maintenance
  • Easy to set up and use

Helping enhance visitor processes for organizations of all sizes, Rändivoo is a professional Visitor Experience System that manages a plethora of tasks typically handled by a receptionist or security guard including checking in guests upon arrival, sending meeting invites and notifying hosts of visitors arriving via automated alerts. Rändivoo reduces waiting times and offers a professional, easy-to-use and elegant first impression to incoming guests.


Receptionist is unable to greet guests while they are on the phone.
No one is at the receptionist’s desk because they are on break/lunch.
Visitor feels alienated and confused on where to go.
Current visitor management tool (the clipboard) is slow and inefficient.
Your company does not have a receptionist.


No need to wait. Visitor can simply check-in through the kiosk.
Easy-to-use user interface guides the visitor and alerts the meeting host of their arrival.
Personalize the visitor experience with notes and instructions for the receptionist.
Present yourself in a much more professional and elegant way – high tech & consistent.
With Rändivoo, now it does.

How Rändivoo Works

Invitation Process

  • Creating a meeting
    invite with credentials
  • Confirming meeting
    invite from user
  • Sending a credential

Check In

  • Visitor with credentials
    and vistor without
  • Visitor going to meeting
    location ie. office building
  • Checking in via
    iPad kiosk


  • Once visitor checks in,
    host/sponsor is notified via Salesforce
    Chatter and/or other social
    media outlets, IM, text, email
  • Visitor can open doors
    using credentials on
    door reader
  • Capturing visitors
    information and tracking
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