Open Sesame with OKDoor

Kristen Papa January 27th, 2014 10 Comments

Open Sesame with OKDoor

Keeping in mind our vision to enhance everyday experiences, it seemed only fitting that Brivo Labs explore the future of wearable technology and what better place to start then with Google Glass. With the release date looming around the corner, we thought, why not take our expertise in access control and create a Glassware that can open a physical door?

So we did. Today we unveiled OKDoor, a Google Glass app that provides the wearer with the ability to allow access to physical doors. Everyone has experienced the frustration of walking up to a house, apartment or office to the unwelcoming moment of not being able to alert someone you are there or even worse, gain entry. You are left thinking: Is the doorbell broken? Can they hear me knocking? Are they even there? It’s a common problem people encounter frequently with a simple solution.

How OkDoor Works:
OkDoor provides notification to a person inside a building that someone outside needs to gain access. First, an outdoor camera pushes a snapshot of the individual to the Google Glass wearer. The wearer is then presented with the ability to allow or deny entry. The OKDoor user can then remotely unlock the door and allow the visitor inside. Check out this video to see OKDoor in action.

The OKDoor Glassware was created to highlight one of the many capabilities of the SAM API and now serves as one of the first integrations that connects Google Glass to physical access management. Brivo Labs will showcase OKDoor along with SAM at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX as part of Circus Mashimus hosted by Mashery.

SAM can authenticate visitors and associate several forms of secure credentials to access physical devices. Social authentication and provisioning of access is implemented by connecting with leading social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Life360. SAM also provides developers with the resources to perform data analysis, manage devices, authorize schedules, get access to hosted IP video and offers real time device control with remote automation.

Kristen Papa

Author : Kristen Papa

Leading the strategic marketing efforts for Brivo Labs, Kristen Papa oversees initiatives that raise awareness, build pipeline, and ensure overall success in the social access management market. Prior to joining Brivo Labs, she worked in the Digital division at Gannett focused on web product development and also served 4 years as a Marketing Project Manager at USA TODAY.


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