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    Named Cool Vendor

    Brivo Labs is honored to be recognized as a 2014 Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management by Gartner.



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    A seamless all-in-one solution for checking in guests upon arrival, sending meeting invites and notifying hosts of visitors arriving via automated alerts.


  • Introducing OKDoor

    The Google Glass app that provides physical access control. OKDoor highlights one of the many capabilities of Brivo Labs’ SAM API.


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    Our Vision

    We want to simplify and enhance everyday experiences.

    We do this by making products and providing services that allow you to interact with physical buildings and devices using your social identity.

    We are the single sign on for the physical world.

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    SAM provides developers with the ability to change the way people interact with physical buildings and devices. Learn more and sign up for access.


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    Rändivoo, just for you.

    We are now accepting registrations for companies interested in improving their visitor experience. Get Rändivoo at no cost to you during our pilot program. All you have to do is sign up.


About Brivo Labs

Brivo Labs is an Internet of Things company leading the emerging Social Access Management market. Using social identities, we develop innovative applications that connect virtual communities with physical spaces.

What is Social Access Management?

Social Access Management provides contextual security and access control that fits the way we live today. It’s managing your everyday access needs using social and business networks to interact with buildings, businesses and public places.

Say Hello to SAM

SAM is our API platform that enables everyone to participate in Social Access Management by authenticating users and providing permissions to visitors.

SAM enables developers to build apps that:

SAM is your virtual concierge and can be your:


Our Products

In addition to providing SAM for developers, Brivo Labs also develops our own innovative apps using SAM to further advance Social Access Management. We want to transform your routine activities in a way that increases efficiency and ultimately, your quality of life.


A professional Visitor Management System that streamlines the visitor process for organizations of any size. Rändivoo simplifies and enhances the visitor experience by streamlining the process of sending meeting invites, checking in, badging, receiving notifications and obtaining digital signatures.

The Features

We pay attention to the details with a true end-to-end visitor experience.

  • Send credentials to meeting attendees
  • Provide visitor history for tracking and reporting
  • Stay updated via the social networks you already use
  • Print visitor badges
  • Receive automated confirmations
  • Provision access to restricted areas with digital locks and readers
  • Let visitors sign in digitally at the lobby or front desk upon arrival
  • Obtain profiles and background information of attendees – preferences, business details and affiliations
  • Personalize welcome greetings for each guest